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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Smokers Torch

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Smokers need something to light their cigarettes with. This task falls to the match, or lighter. Both can be dangerous to the smoker themselves.

Any smoker, who has smoked for any length of time, will tell you that they’ve managed to burn themselves at one time or another. Hell, it’s like a right of passage. There are just so many ways to do it, that it’s almost impossible not too.

The cheap, dollar lighter is among the easiest way a smoker has of burning themselves. Sometimes these cheap little contraptions don’t want to go out. You light your cigarette and shove the lighter in your pocket without thinking. Then you do a silly dance in the middle of the street because the lighter didn’t go out and you find yourself being branded. It’s also quite possible that you’re going to have to replace those pants.

Matches are another lighting method bound to cause problems. You can drop the little fire stick into your lap, scaring the crap out of you. You can have your eyebrows singed when the match flairs up higher than expected.

Have you ever bought a dollar lighter that you can manually adjust? You know, those cheap little see through ones, which you can turn up even more than safety would allow by removing the metal part at the top of the lighter. Ever had someone turn that up without your knowledge?

Yeah, it’s not a fun experience when you go to light your cigarette and you find that you’re holding a flame thrower instead of a lighter. If you happen to be around other people, the hilarity is even better. What, with you jumping around with a look of terror on your face, or even worse, no eyebrows. If you happen to have long hair, and you’re wearing some kind of flammable substance in it, such as hair spray, it can get even uglier.

Then there is the “smiley face.” This happy sounding phrase means that you heat the end of the lighter up and burn yourself with the hot metal part at the tip of the lighter. Sounds like fun, huh? Teenagers love to do this. Why is anybody’s guess. Perhaps, they think they’re cool because they can stand the pain.

While all of these tales may sound funny, and even look funny when seen from afar, they really aren’t funny at all. Someone can be seriously injured.

If lighters are left around, children can get a hold of them. Matches are even easier for a kid to use. It might be your kid’s face that the lighter tries to burn off.

Lighters and matches can be dangerous. Make sure you remember to keep them in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

What is Nicotine Withdrawal and How You Can Deal With It

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Nicotine withdrawal is the process your body will experience during the first few days after your last cigarette. Without constant nicotine replenishment, your system is able to begin clearing itself of the poisons, and this typically manifests as cold or flu like symptoms. You will also likely experience cravings during this period, so having a plan for dealing with these feelings before they strike will help ease your transition.

It is important to realize that what you are feeling is a normal reaction to quitting cigarettes, stay calm, and do what you need to do to take care of yourself during this time. Drinking lots of water is important to help your system flush itself, and is also recommended by some as a way to help relieve the cravings. Similarly, getting out for some exercise is a healthy component of any quitting strategy. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises will help you get through any momentary discomfort, as well as relieve your general stress levels that may have contributed to your desire to smoke in the first place.

Certain smoking cessation methods may help ease your nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Acupressure and hypnosis are two drug-free approaches that help strengthen your natural abilities to relax, deal with stress, and reduce the desire to smoke, which should at least help diminish any anxiety you experience as a result of quitting. Mental and behavioral components are also hugely important in successfully stopping smoking, so anything you can do to address any of these will be helpful in getting you to the next step.

Know that nicotine withdrawal is temporary and that the unpleasant sensations will pass, and soon be over completely. Look forward to reaching your goals, and remind and reward yourself constantly for your achievements. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but thousands of people manage to do it each and every day. Pursue adequate support for yourself during the process, either through understanding friends and family, or a support group. There is plenty of help available.

Numerous resources exist online to help you understand and plan for a successful smoking cessation strategy. Do some homework ahead of time in order to come up with the personalized plan that is best suited to your needs. Many different stop smoking products and processes exist to help you quit, as well as online chat groups, testimonials, and so on which enable you to learn from others’ experiences, in addition to sharing your own. Take advantage of the different tools, and start preparing for a healthier future. The rewards and results will soon take care of themselves, and have you looking and feeling better, and younger, than you have in years.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stop Smoking-Measuring Time

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Cigarettes serve many purposes in a day. Killing time while waiting for an appointment, filling time during your break, and can function as a way to signal the end of a task, or the beginning. They help break up the day, occupy your down time, serve as a reward for a job well done, or help calm your nerves when anticipating an undesirable event.

However, this method of passing time doesn’t come without cost. If you’ve ever fidgeted through a meeting, arrived late for an event because you needed to fit in one more smoke, or if your ailing health is interfering with your responsibilities, you may become aware of the downside of your smoking’s effect on your time.

The good news is, you can reclaim your time and plan for a healthier future starting today – the choice is up to you. There are a greater number of stop smoking products, services and programs available than ever before, and people are successfully implementing customized approaches to quitting every single day. With the advances in online resources it is also possible to connect easily with others who are going through the process, read testimonials, browse the different products available and come up with your own personalized plan.

Make a decision to value your time with your family and friends and pursue better health in order to enjoy your life now and in the future. Spend less time waiting at doctors’ offices dealing with smoking related concerns. Spend more time outside really enjoying the fresh air. Invest your time and money in worthwhile pursuits that you can appreciate alone or with loved ones. Learn to cherish every moment.

There are lots of helpful hints for dealing with your transition to non-smoking status. Explore recommendations for healthy snacks, hobbies, and cessation methods to improve your chances for success and keep you busy in the meantime. Knitting, chewing gum, playing cards, learning to meditate, sucking on a cinnamon stick, and many other forms of distraction have been used successfully by former smokers.

If there are underlying causes contributing to your need to smoke, look for solutions to these and value your time rather than just looking for ways to get through the day. Spend time with others who value you for who you are, and ask for their support as you learn to rethink your former addiction and find ways to replace it with healthy, fulfilling activities. Regain control of your life – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Make a lifestyle choice and share this with your loved ones – making time for what’s really important will teach you to truly enjoy the finer things in life, and keep enjoying them for years to come.

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