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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How much money do you spend on smoking

You Can Stop Smoking

How much money do you spend on cigarettes? Come on, be honest. It may not seem like a lot as you give the cashier a few bucks for each pack, but it can definitely add up quickly. Even if you do not know the exact amount you are spending on your nasty smoking habit, just think of all the things you could buy instead.
The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around three dollars and fifty cents. That’s not a lot right? Maybe not, but it can add up quickly. If you smoke an average of two packs a day, then it’s really going to be a lot. That’s seven dollars a day spent on cigarettes. In just two days of saving your money instead of spending it on cigarettes, you could buy a CD. In three days, you could order a pizza for you and your family to enjoy. This way the money is being used in a way that your whole family can enjoy. Not just yourself.
In one week of not spending those seven dollars you would save from not smoking, then you would have fifty dollars. With that saved money you could take you entire family to the movies. You could get everyone popcorn and drinks and enjoy a great time together. In only one week! You could also put the money that you saved towards new stuff for your kids. You could get your little ones those toys or video games they’ve been begging for. Or you could use the money to do something really healthy for yourself and join a gym. You could lose weight, get in shape, or get toned just with the money that you’ve saved in only one week!
In two weeks of not spending those seven dollars you would save from not smoking, then you would have one hundred dollars. With that amount you could get yourself an iPod Shuffle. You could be grooving around town, listening to all of your favorite tunes after only two weeks. Or you could get those concert tickets you’ve been dreaming about but didn’t have the money for. Or you could take your significant other out for dinner and a movie, with some money left over. Just think of what one hundred extra dollars every two weeks could do for your budget. It would be like giving yourself a one dollar per hour raise. That’s incredible.
In one month, you’d have two hundred dollars saved from not smoking. Two hundred dollars is almost a car payment. You could take your family out for pizza every week and start a new tradition. You could let your wife get a much deserved massage twice a month. Or you could hire both of yourselves personal trainers!
There’s a lot of thing that you could do with the money that you would save from not smoking. And no matter what you did decide to spend it on, it would be a better choice than wasting it on cigarettes.

You Can Quit Smoking


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