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Friday, May 26, 2006

Smoking is not Really Pleasurable

Stop Smoking

The Real Deal about Smoking and WHY You Can Quit Easily Too!

Smoking cigarettes is NOT a natural or pleasurable thing to do. The body rejects it, ie: hack, cough, spit and did someone say, horrible taste? Your body tells you this is really bad stuff! However, I must have said a thousand times, "I enjoy smoking" or "that cigarette will taste good right after dinner", but that was because they (the Tobacco Industry) made me believe smoking cigarettes was a natural and pleasurable thing to do. What I soon learned was that I really love NOT SMOKING! You know, lungs full of clean air, tons more energy, no shortness of breath, nice bright white teeth, increased mental clarity, the amazing taste of foods, a more radiant complexion and increased self-esteem simply because of being victorious in the war of tobacco addiction!
It was your mind that convinced your body to start smoking in the first place so you could look cool/be accepted/whatever reason your mind came up with, and it is only your mind that can convince your body to stop. This IS the focal point of our program and the reason it really works. No other program I am aware of takes your belief system, the most important ingredient in the successful quit smoking equation, into consideration - hence the staggering failure rate of theirs and the 90% success of ours!
Here is something that has got to shock you - nicotine is not what you are mainly addicted to in cigarettes! The tobacco companies and even the government and health care industry would have you believe this is true but there is another ingredient in the highly guarded, patent protected list (imagine that, it's the public's health at stake and this is a trade secret!) among the 1000's of chemicals in each cigarette that really is the one responsible for your addiction - and - the terrible struggle for most people to quit. In our program we reveal this ingredient (it will amaze you!) and more importantly, we teach you how to control and easily counteract your addiction to this substance - a simple and painless thing to do.
While every other quit smoking program is focused on helping you fight off false cravings for nicotine, hundreds of thousands of people who are sincere about quitting are sadly spending millions of dollars buying up expensive pills, patches, inhalers, supplements and gums in a losing battle to save their own lives. Therefore, both the smoking and the quit-smoking (pharmaceutical) industries (did someone say among the largest government lobbies in the U.S.?) are raking in billions and billions!
The main reason people fail to quit (and why it took almost 40 years of smoking for me to learn this) is that from the time we were little children we have been lied to and literally programmed by the powerful tobacco and pharmaceutical industries as well as the media to believe that we are heavily addicted and cannot quit. Between having you keep smoking, and, keep quitting, they have a vested interest in keeping you as a dying, sorry I mean paying, customer. Not a laughing matter at all but I couldn't resist.
Believe me, no matter how strange or "conspirial" the above might seem to you right now, this will ALL make total sense when you experience just how easy it is to quit smoking using The Quit Smoking Right Now Program.
In other words . . . the proof is in the quitting!

Quit Smoking


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