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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stop Smoking-Measuring Time

Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking

Cigarettes serve many purposes in a day. Killing time while waiting for an appointment, filling time during your break, and can function as a way to signal the end of a task, or the beginning. They help break up the day, occupy your down time, serve as a reward for a job well done, or help calm your nerves when anticipating an undesirable event.

However, this method of passing time doesn’t come without cost. If you’ve ever fidgeted through a meeting, arrived late for an event because you needed to fit in one more smoke, or if your ailing health is interfering with your responsibilities, you may become aware of the downside of your smoking’s effect on your time.

The good news is, you can reclaim your time and plan for a healthier future starting today – the choice is up to you. There are a greater number of stop smoking products, services and programs available than ever before, and people are successfully implementing customized approaches to quitting every single day. With the advances in online resources it is also possible to connect easily with others who are going through the process, read testimonials, browse the different products available and come up with your own personalized plan.

Make a decision to value your time with your family and friends and pursue better health in order to enjoy your life now and in the future. Spend less time waiting at doctors’ offices dealing with smoking related concerns. Spend more time outside really enjoying the fresh air. Invest your time and money in worthwhile pursuits that you can appreciate alone or with loved ones. Learn to cherish every moment.

There are lots of helpful hints for dealing with your transition to non-smoking status. Explore recommendations for healthy snacks, hobbies, and cessation methods to improve your chances for success and keep you busy in the meantime. Knitting, chewing gum, playing cards, learning to meditate, sucking on a cinnamon stick, and many other forms of distraction have been used successfully by former smokers.

If there are underlying causes contributing to your need to smoke, look for solutions to these and value your time rather than just looking for ways to get through the day. Spend time with others who value you for who you are, and ask for their support as you learn to rethink your former addiction and find ways to replace it with healthy, fulfilling activities. Regain control of your life – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Make a lifestyle choice and share this with your loved ones – making time for what’s really important will teach you to truly enjoy the finer things in life, and keep enjoying them for years to come.

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking


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