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Monday, April 10, 2006

Help Stop Smoking

If you’ve ever had an altercation with a faulty cigarette lighter, you’ll know that smokers have to put up with challenges that non-smokers just don’t realize. Cheap lighters that don’t always go out and end up causing a pocket fire, or chemical burns from lighter fluid are no laughing matter! The cost to clothing is unfortunate, and the embarrassment isn’t much fun either. What’s a person to do?
If you’ve grown weary of the scorched jackets and pants, you may have reached the point where it’s time for a change. Maybe your partner is no longer amused with your "fashion statement" holes in your favorite outfits, or doesn’t want to get a new car because of the inevitable burn marks. Or maybe you’ve grown tired of your inability to sit through any activity requiring more than a few hours without a smoke break. There are many little annoying details that can prompt the decision to quit smoking.
Luckily, there is more help and information available than ever before to assist you in your quest for freedom. From different kinds of therapies, to products designed for this purpose, or any number of tricks former smokers devised along the way, there is a method of quitting smoking for everyone.
Because no two people or habits are exactly alike, you will need to explore your options, and probably try more than one before finding something that works. You may find that altering the behaviors that support the habit, such as where you go to smoke, will be enough to make a difference. Or, you may want to attack the psychological need, through hypnosis, cognitive tricks, or meditation.
Finding replacements for your cigarettes is one of the most commonly employed methods for reducing the urge, by keeping both your hands and mouth busy. If you take this route, remember to choose snacks without excess fat or sugar, or you risk exchanging one bad habit for a host of other problems. Some people use toothpicks, straws or even cinnamon sticks as a solution, while others opt for knitting, playing cards, or squeezing a stress ball. Sugar free gum or sunflower seeds are other popular choices. Or you can choose to take singing lessons, learn to play a musical instrument, or start a rigorous exercise program. Making other activities a priority will help serve as both a distraction and a source of motivation.
Sheer willpower works for some, by changing the way you think about smoking, choosing a healthier lifestyle for the sake of loved ones, or out of concern for your own health. Once again, it depends on you. However, the clearer your reasons for quitting, the more likely you are to stick to your plan. Do a little research to determine the best options for you, and be patient, but expect great things. Ask your friends and family for support, and it will be a victory you can all share.

Help Stop Smoking


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